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Fall Cleaning Specials –


I hope your Labor Day weekend is off to a fabulous start….I still can’t get over the fact that summer is pretty much over.  Before the weekend is in full swing, I want to give you an update on a few things here .

We like this home tip because we know that so many people in our area suffer from seasonal allergies- both indoors and outdoors.
Perform a thorough clean in the fall. This way, the dust, pollen, and dirt brought in during the summer months can be eliminated before the house is closed up for the winter.

Remember, pollen and dust aren’t the only causes of seasonal allergies. If the humidity or moisture in your home is too high,  it becomes a perfect breeding ground for dust mites.  If your crawlspace or basement has standing water or if you think it has excess humidity, contact BBC for a free visual inspection.   It might be the answer to your allergy problems!

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Keeping your house clean- tips , while you go about your day-

BLOG 9Here’s a small collection of tips I have learned over the years about how to keep your home cleaner or to make it easier to clean.
A tidy yard helps you keep a clean house. There is less mess to track in; and bugs and critters won’t be living near your house in the overgrowth – so they won’t be around to sneak in.
Take your shoes off when you come in to your house. Don’t track stuff all over the place.
A cool house is cleaner because bugs and critters like it warm. I keep my house at 70 or less and I have no spiders, no webs, very few invaders, ever.
Change HVAC filters regularly. Maybe even monthly if you have kids or pets.
Ceiling fans may be great for energy efficiency but they are also great for distributing dust and fur and stuff all over the place, too. The more you run the fan and the faster you run the fan, the more they will bow stuff everywhere. Minimize use of ceiling fans.
Open windows are great to let in the breezes but the breezes also bring in dust and pollen and blow it all over your house, with the rest of your dust and fur. Keep your windows closed.
The master bedroom is the dirtiest room in the house. Why? Well you probably spend the most time in that room. But it is also the room with the bedding that you toss and turn in, stirring up dust and fibers and hair. Got a pet that sleeps in there, or with you, too? Add fur.


And it is the room you get dressed and undressed in, releasing dust and fibers from your clothes. Is it carpeted? More dust and fibers from the carpet itself, and the carpet is great at collecting dust and fibers and fur from you, too.
An air cleaner (HEPA certified is best) would be a great addition to the master bedroom.
Clean up any messes as soon as you can.