Can a cleaning service save your marriage?

Both parents/homeowners probably work. The children are too young to be useful, or in school and too busy to be useful, or old enough to be employed and too busy to be useful. Cleaning the house is not Job One for anybody who lives there.

Add to that the issues about fairly sharing housecleaning duties, about deciding who is responsible for their share of the mess, or for their share of the space, or about whose turn it is to clean the toilet, etc, etc. Complications include boomerang children, multi-generation occupancy, long-term visitors, and more, etc, etc. No allocation will satisfy everyone.


Housecleaning can be a major source of conflict. But it does not have to be.

First, all the occupants should meet and agree to be as orderly as possible. Preventing a mess is easier than cleaning up a mess.

Second, all who can contribute to paying for a housecleaning service should chip in. The cost can be divided in any number of ways: evenly, by income level, by space occupied, or any other way that is mutually agreeable.

Finally, all the housecleaning that the occupants of the house don’t want to do can be hired. Vacuuming, bathrooms, kitchens, dusting – all that can be done for them as often as they want.

The hired housecleaner may hope to impose some neatness rules – no one can vacuum a room covered by toys or other clutter. No one can clean a bathroom strewn with towels and discarded clothing. But if the occupants don’t mind how their stuff is moved around and piled up to accommodate cleaning, even a messy house can be post teenager chores

We work for a lot of families who have decided on the best division of their homely duties. They all do as little as possible! They hire the house work done and they hire the yard work done. None of them wants to clean toilets or mow the lawn. No problem!

House cleaning (and yard work) is not very expensive. Compared to the conflicts involved.

It is not for those folks who like to do everything for themselves, and not for those who can’t afford it.

But it can be a real marriage saver for everyone else.

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P.S.: Our only problem with folks who won’t clean for themselves is that they often complain that how I clean is not how they would have done it. Ha!   call 813-922-8792 Main Office

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